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Have A Cup Of Cheer With Sweeetexplosion Hot Chocolate Bombs

There is no tastier way to warm up this winter than with a mug of hot chocolate. But have you tried the latest trend of this popular beverage? Ottawa’s own Sweeetexplosion sells hot chocolate bombs that are a fun twist on a classic winter treat.

This local business gifted me with three products to test them out for myself, but in no way will this affect my review below.

So what is a hot chocolate bomb? It is a round ball of chocolate that you put inside your mug. You pour boiling water or steamed milk over it to melt the chocolate and reveal the filling, which can be anything from chocolate pieces or marshmallows.

Sweeetexplosion in Ottawa

Sweeetexplosion sells them in three sizes, medium $5, large $7, and extra-large $10. 

The next choice is what flavour(s) do you want. They carry the following: Ferrero Rocher, Rocky road, Bounty, cookies and cream, peppermint, KitKat, Skor, Reeses Pieces, Maltesers, candy cane, cinnamon and Hershey.

Sweeetexplosion in Ottawa

From a visual standpoint, all three looked stunning with a cute accent of colour or candies. There was a piece of candy cane, an entire Ferrero Rocher and a mini Oreo cookie as toppers. 

Sweeetexplosion in Ottawa

When they arrived, I was delighted with the packaging from Sweeetexplosion. Each was in a festive mini box.

For my taste test, I tried candy cane, Ferrero Rocher, and cookies and cream. For each, the melting of the chocolate ball went flawlessly and blended to create a decadent mug of hot chocolate.  

Sweeetexplosion in Ottawa

Out of the three, candy cane was by far, my favourite. It has a pleasant minty taste and colourful marshmallows. While Ferrero Rocher tasted nice, I wasn’t crazy about mini chunks of hazelnut floating in my drink. But that is a personal preference, while some people might enjoy it.

Sweeetexplosion in Ottawa

For those looking for some last-minute stocking stuffers, these could be perfect.

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