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Sweets Of Japan: Modern Box

Sweets Of Japan is a Japanese sweets subscription box that sends you wagashi (traditional Japanese treats) and matcha.  There are a variety of one-time purchase boxes (no subscription) available that range from $30-60 and include free worldwide shipping.  Inside the box, you’ll find authentic Japanese desserts that are usually enjoyed during Japanese tea ceremonies. Unlike Western treats, they are less sweet.

Sweets Of Japan: Modern Box Unboxing


Inside Our Modern Wagashi Box There Was:

  • A handmade candy
  • Anko jam and ginger cookie spoons
  • Make your own monaka
  • 2 Azuki castella cakes
  • 2 Packs of seasonal sembei
  • 1 Box of matcha

Sembei (rice crackers) is always one of our favorite snacks. We were delighted to find 2 packages in our box, each pack came with 8 crackers which had a variety of different flavors including black sesame, shiso, seaweed, plum etc..


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The anko jam and ginger cookies were our favorite treat in the box. It came with a jar of red bean jam which you could dip these delicious cinnamon and ginger cookies into. We were surprised by how soft and moist the cookies were, and would happily order this box again just to have this cookie and jam set!

To go along with all the treats there was also a box of 40 grams of ceremonial-grade matcha. What we loved was within the box they gave you the easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make a cup of matcha.

By far the most beautiful dessert in the box had to be the handmade candy art, which is something you can typically only find in Amezaiku in Japan.

Our second favorite dessert was the azkui castella cake which was super soft and moist! It is a sponge cake that combines Japanese red bean and pairs perfectly with a cup of matcha.

The last treat in our Sweets Of Japan box is the make your own monaka. For this, you make a sandwich out of two crispy wafers which you fill with a sweet red bean jam.


We couldn’t be more thrilled with our Sweets of Japan box. If you are interested in trying authentic Japanese treats that you can’t get outside of Japan this is the perfect box. We loved how this box is a one time purchase so you aren’t tied to a monthly contract.

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