The World’s Best Beach Towel? Tesalate Sand-Free Towel Review

teslate review

When it comes to beach towels, I never put much thought into them aside from wanting a cute design. So when I heard about Tesalate beach towels, I was curious why there was so much hype around them.

When it came to beach towels, I thought they were all about the same but oh boy was I ever wrong. Ever since I got my hands on my Tesalate sand-free towel, I’m hooked.

teslate review

What Makes Tesalate Towels So Unique?

– Lightweight
– Rapid-drying (half the time of a regular beach towel)
– Ultra absorbent (over 1 litre of water)
– Compact when folded/rolled

They are made out of a unique lightweight, superabsorbent fabric that sand doesn’t stick to. Every time I go to the beach, no matter how much I shake my towel, I always end up with it covered with sand. With my new Tesalate, the sand doesn’t stick to it. It is incredible, as this way, I’m not getting sand all over my bag, car and home.

teslate review

The full sized beach towels are thin and easily fold up so you can toss it in your beach bag. The regular sized towels are 160cm x 80cm / 63 x 31 inches and absorb over 1 litre of water! While the double sized towels are 160cm x 160cm / 63 x 63 inches and absorbs over 2 litres of water. Compared to regular beach towels, Tesalate towels dry in about half the time too!

teslate review

These towels are perfect for the beach, pool or even yoga. As someone who loves to travel, I love how small it folds down, as I can easily fit it in my carry on bag.

For my Tesalate towel, I got the Into The Wild Towel for Two. It is the perfect size towel for a couple to relax on together at the beach. I’ve also used it as a picnic blanket (it is the same size as one) and it worked perfectly.

Tesalate Towel Review

This towel lives up to all the positive reviews on Lonely Planet and Travel + Leisure! It really does everything it promises. I know it will be the towel I’ll be using at the beach or pool from now on.

Get Your Towel

On Tesalate’s website, there are tons of fun patterns and designs to pick from. The regular sized towels are $79 CAD ($59 USD) and the towel for two is $139 CAD ($99 USD). Both come with free shipping to Canada or the USA and returns.

Order your towel now.