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Trying Ottawa’s Trendy New Bubble Tea Shop

The Alley has finally arrived in Ottawa. After hearing people in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary rave about The Alley, I was thrilled we got the bubble tea shop in the National Capital.

The Alley Ottawa

Their new shop is in a prime location, at 513 Sussex Drive. Right now, they are only open for takeout because of COIVD-19.

The cafe is best known for its outstanding bubble tea, loaded with handmade tapioca pearls. 

One of the most popular drinks on their menu is the Royal No.9 Milk Tea. It is a black tea-based drink infused with blueberries that you can get hot or cold.

But if you are like me and hate tapioca pearls (I don’t like the gelatinous texture), fear not. There are so many other refreshing beverages to enjoy, or you can order the tea without pearls.

They have a variety of slush drinks like the snow strawberry lulu or orange lulu. Plus, most of their tea lattes that be made hot or cold. On their website, you can see the full menu, with all the hot (fire icon)and cold (blue diamond icon) drinks marked.

Without question, their most eye-catching beverages are the Aurora Series. You can get a bottle that looks like sunset or sunrise. 

I got Morning Dawn, which fades from a lovely sky blue to a bright red. Inside it is a refreshing mango crushed iced drink with jasmine green tea that is perfect on a hot summer day. 

The other option is Northern Lights, which fades from blue to a golden yellow. It is a grape ice drink with apple vinegar. Either option isn’t the cheapest, at around $9 a bottle. But, it worth splurging on once to try the pretty beverage. 

I’ll certainly be returning to try some more of their other drinks soon. 

View their website here to see a list of all their drinks.