The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

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Before you head out for a road trip help prep your car and vehicle problems on your trip with my free printable ultimate road trip checklist.


Vehicle Inspection

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

While inspecting your car check for signs of damage or wear-and-tear a few days before you hit the road to allow you plenty of time to fix your car prior to the trip.

Clean Car: If you are going to be in your car for a long period of time it will be more enjoyable if the interior of the car is clean. Make sure to thoroughly clean all the car windows, mirrors and lights while cleaning the car.

Check Tire Pressure: Ensure your tires are fully inflated by checking all four tires pressure.

Inspect All Lights: Make sure your car headlights, tail lights, and brake lights are clean so they will brightly shine when visibility is reduced at night.

Check / Replace Wipers: If your windshield wipers are not properly cleaning the windshield it is important to replace them prior to your road trip so you can wipe away dirt or rain.

Check / Change Oil: Before you head out on your trip make sure to check your motor oil to check if it is full to prevent an unnecessary breakdown. It is a smart idea to bring extra motor oil in your vehicle on just to be safe. Be sure to use the oil necessary for your car, as specified in your owner’s manual. Check your local Canadian Tire stores for availability!

Refill Windshield Washer Fluid / Brake Fluid / Coolant: It is important to refill your windshield washer fluid, coolant, and brake fluid.


In Car

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

To help your road trip go smoother, help stock the inside of your car with useful items like phone chargers, money, along with drinks and snacks.


Water Bottles: Make sure everyone stays hydrated while on the road trip by stocking the car with at one refillable water bottle per person.

Money For Toll Booths: Be prepared for toll booths by having change stored near the driver.

Car Phone Charger: Using your phone’s Bluetooth to stream music or to provide GPS directions can quickly drain your phone’s battery so make sure to have a car phone charger so your phone won’t die en route.

Sunglasses: Be prepared for driving on a sunny day by packing sunglasses.

GPS: Having GPS will help prevent you from getting lost on your road trip, so make sure you download the necessary maps on your phone or update your car’s built-in GPS if required.

Snacks: Finding somewhere to get a snack on the road can add lots of extra time on your trip, to help you get to your destination faster stock your car with healthy snacks like energy bars, fruit or nuts.

Printed Itinerary: Keep organized by having a printed itinerary with all the locations and hotels you will be visiting along with their addresses and contact numbers.

Proof Of Insurance, License + Car Registration: These are required every time you drive and should be always in your car.

Create Music Playlist: One of the fun parts of road trips is singing along to all the songs on your playlist so make sure to create a music playlist for your trip!


Emergency Kit

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

A well-stocked emergency kit can be a lifesaver if your car ever breaks down on the road leaving you stranded.


Blankets: If your car was to break down, especially at night you might find yourself feeling cold while you wait for help to arrive. Stock your car with extra warm blankets just in case.

First Aid Kit: Stock your car with a basic first aid kit with all the emergency medical supplies you might need.

Jumper Cables: Should your vehicle’s battery die you will need jumper cables to get a boost.

Reflectors: Reflectors will help other drivers see your broken car on the road.

Tire Jack: Should you get a flat tire you will need a tire jack to change the tire.

Spare Tire: An extra tire is handy should you ever get a flat tire.

Flashlight (And Extra Batteries): If your car is to break at night you can use a flashlight to help you see. Make sure to pack extra batteries just in case.


Shop For Road Trip Supplies

Prior to your road trip, it is a good idea to buy motor oil, wiper fluid, brake fluid, and cleaning supplies to ensure you have all the supplies you might need during your vehicle inspection. When heading out for a road trip it is a good idea to bring extra of all car fluids in your vehicle just to be safe.

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

When shopping for a road trip, I visit Canadian Tire as I find it to be the ultimate one stop shop for all my automotive needs. Canadian Tire is made for life in Canada, so no matter if you are doing your road trip in the hot days of summer or in the winter there will always be all the supplies you need to to help your car run smoothly.

While picking up supplies for a road trip I always grab Quaker State® Advanced Durability™ Motor Oil which is very affordable and a great quality product. All the hours of stop-and-go traffic or driving in extreme temperatures in Canadian winters or summer are tough on a vehicle and Quaker State Advanced Durability Motor Oil after being tested in taxi fleets across North America was proven to provide twice the wear protection of the industry standard motor oil.


Road Trip Shopping List

Where is your next road trip taking you? Make sure your car is road trip ready by picking up these essential road trip supplies and printing The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist.



Download The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist

Download The Ultimate Road Trip Checklist


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