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Tick Tock: A Tale for Two Review

Don’t go into this alone. For all you escape room lovers like myself, you’ll want to pick up Tick Tok: A Tale For Two. Unlike other virtual escape rooms, this game can only be played with two people. So invite a friend, and see if you solve the cooperative puzzles together.

How To Play

Tick Tok: A Tale For Two is by Other Tales Interactive. You can pick it up for Nintendo Switch, your Android phone or even on Steam to play on your desktop.

Both players don’t need to use the same system, but they will need to purchase their own copy of the game. For example, one could be on their computer, and the other their Nintendo Switch. 

No wifi is needed to play the game, but it is needed for voice chat. If you both aren’t in the same room, you’ll want to use Discord, Whataspp or another voice chat application.

Tick Tok: A Tale For Two Review (Spoiler Free)

In Tick Tok you are transported to a mythical dark and gloomy world and are looking for a way to escape. Similar to the Together Apart series player one and player two will see different things on their screen. 

For example, one person might see a lock, while the other person can see the combination needed to open it. Of course, the challenges are never as straightforward as this. 

Throughout the game, you’ll take turns describing everything you see, as you never know what could be useful to the other person. 

None of the point and click puzzles are overly challenging, as the real obstacle is communication and only seeing half the information. The only problem that took us a few tries to complete wasn’t because we didn’t know how to complete it. Instead, it took us practice to time to understand what the instruction was asking, and then coordinating pushing buttons together.

Moving and solving the puzzles are handled in a straightforward point-and-click manner. But if there is ever a time where you don’t know what to do, it is a good idea to explore the other locations as you might need to return later.

The game is split into three chapters, with it getting slightly more difficult as the game progresses. 

Compared to Together Apart, which is only puzzles, this game has a simple but intriguing story following Laerke Ravn’s disappearance. Each step forward, you gain more details as you slowly unravel the mystery.

From start to finish, the average playtime is 2.5 hours, and needs to completed in one session as there isn’t a save function. For my session, I took a short break to divide things up, and as there is no pause option, the timer kept going. It took us 1 hour and 50 minutes to complete (plus the coffee break).

Final Thoughts

Fans of the genre are sure to enjoy Tick Tok: A Tale For Two. But if you’ve never tried this style of game before I’d suggest you start with Together Apart which is free.

Tick Tok: A Tale For Two regular price is $ 6.69 CAD, but I picked it up on sale on Steam for only $3.45. The game goes on sale often enough, so if you aren’t in a hurry, you can save an extra few bucks. Just keep in mind both you and your friend will need to buy the game.

For under $7 (or in my case under $4), I was delighted with the time I spent playing.

Get a copy of Tick Tok: A Tale For Two (Google Play download) , (Steam download), & (Nintendo download).