Tokyo Treats: A Taste Of Japan

I’m always excited to get a TokyoTreat box in the mail! For those of you who haven’t heard of TokyoTreat it is a Japanese snack subscription box that sends you 17 premium snacks each month for $35.

In My TokyoTreat Box I Got

  • Strawberry cheesecake and cookies and cream Kit Kats
  • Pineapple and coconut marshmallows
  • Butter toast and sesame biscuit (party pack)
  • Tempura matcha salt chips
  • Chocolate mint twigs
  • Okara cheesecake cookies
  • BBQ potato sticks
  • Poteko potato rings share pack
  • Pretty cure chocolate wafter
  • Cheese umaibo
  • Grape soda gummy
  • Konpeito candy

BBQ potato sticks

Strawberry cheesecake Kit Kats, cookies and cream Kit Kats, & grape gummy


Okara cheesecake cookies & Uji matcha jelly

Pineapple and coconut marshmallows

Chocolate mint twigs

Water candy DIY and chocolate wafter

Tempura matcha salt chips

Konpeito candy & cheese umaibo

Poteko potato rings share pack

Tokyo Treats Subscription Box

Butter toast and sesame biscuit (party pack)

This month’s box was called the camping getaway box and had snacks perfect for sharing while camping. Inside the information booklet, there was key Japanese vocabulary while camping, popular Japanese hiking areas, and hiking riddles to keep you entertained.

In my recent TokyoTreat box, two of my favorite snacks to share were the tempura matcha salt chips which have such a unique chip flavor we were excited to try it, and the sesame biscuits which were a yummy and filling snack.

If you are looking try unique Japanese snacks, TokyoTreats provides good value for the price. Each box is packed with snacks allowing you to have plenty to eat throughout the month or to share with family and friends.

Order your TokyoTreat box now.