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TokyoTreats Unboxing

Tokyo Treats Unboxing 2019

Every time I get TokyoTreats in the mail, I get so excited to open the box! It has been nearly ten years since I’ve moved back to Ottawa after living in Japan, but my love of my former home remains strong.

One of the challenges in living in Ottawa is how difficult it is to get the Japanese snacks I used to love. That is why I love TokyoTreats is because you get a box packed full of delicious Japanese treats I can’t find in North America.

There are two options when subscribing the Premium box that contains 17 snacks ($31.50 a month) and Classic box which has 12 snacks ($22.50 a month). Both come with free worldwide shipping.

Inside the January 2019 TokyoTreats Box

Strawberry tiramisu Kit Kats
Parade milkshake
Koikeya black pepper chips
Gudetama custard chocolate bar
Salty seaweed puffs
Crunchy panda cookies party pack
Giant chocolate bar puff
Lucky New Year taiyaki snack
Cute cotton candy
Calbee shrimp sticks share pack
Glico balanced chocolate bar brownie
Sticky ramune candy DIY kit
Cheese umaibo
Savory wheat crackers

The January 2019 TokyoTreats box was extraordinary with two party packs inside. For those of you who don’t know what a party pack is, it is a set of individually wrapped snacks perfect for sharing with friends. The first party pack was strawberry tiramisu Kit Kats in honor of Kit Kat’s 45th anniversary.

Japan is famous for their unique flavored Kit Kats, with different seasons and regions of Japan having their own unique flavors to try. When I lived in Japan I would collect as many flavors as I could to share with friends, and so it was a delight to try the strawberry tiramisu with friends now back in Canada. The flavor was creamy with a hint of strawberry, and certainly was a hit with those I shared my party pack with.

Crunch panda cookies party pack

The crunchy panda cookies party pack was so adorable. Inside every pack, there was panda cookies, each with a different face.

Calbee shrimp sticks
TokyoTreats Unboxing 2019
Left to right: Custard chocolate bar, parade milkshake, cheese umaibo
TokyoTreats Unboxing 2019
Left to right: savory wheat crackers from Okinawa, seaweed puffs, nutrition chocolate brownie bar
TokyoTreats Unboxing 2019
Left to right: black pepper chips and sticky ramune candy DIY kit
TokyoTreats Unboxing 2019
giant chocolate bar puff
TokyoTreats Unboxing 2019
Left to right: cute cotton candy, New York Taiyaki snack
TokyoTreats Unboxing 2019
Tokyo Treats Unboxing 2019

I couldn’t be happier with the diverse range of treats inside the box.  With so many sharing snacks inside, I decided to invite my friends to come over and help me, but if you wanted to eat all the treats for yourself there easily would be more than enough to last you a month or more.

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