Subscription Boxes

TokyoTreats Unboxing

I’m always excited to get a TokyoTreat box in the mail! For those of you who haven’t heard of TokyoTreat it is a Japanese snack subscription box that sends you 17 premium snacks each month for $35.

In this Month’s TokyoTreats Box there was

  • Coca-cola Clear
  • Melon bread Cookies Party Pack
  • Kinoko No Yama Chocolate Banana
  • Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Bar
  • Banana Man Marshmallow
  • Chip Star Lemon Chips
  • Chocolate Mint Caramel Corn
  • Fruit Granola Black
  • Cheese Rice Puffs
  • Melon Jelly Drink DIY
  • Cinnamon Apple Pie Umaibo
  • Shimi Corn Share Pack
  • Honey Apple Hard Candy
  • Fruit Donut Gummy

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This month’s TokyoTreats box was “Fruity Ninjas” theme with many of the snacks being fruit flavored. Inside the box, there was also a detailed guide that explained all the snacks, along with a fruit maze and information about fruit in Japan.

Every box of TokytoTreats is always loaded with tons of snacks, and this box was no different. Inside there were the party packs that are perfect for sharing, and the melon bread cookies were a huge hit with our friends.

If you are looking try unique Japanese snacks, TokyoTreats provides good value for the price. Each box is packed with snacks allowing you to have plenty to eat throughout the month or to share with family and friends.

Order your TokyoTreat box now.