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Experience The World With TopMunch Boxes

TopMunch Unboxing

Who doesn’t like getting a surprise gift in the mail? I was absolutely thrilled to check the mail and find a large box from TopMunch waiting for me at home sent from Cratejoy. For those of you who haven’t heard of TopMunch it is a monthly subscription gift box which is aimed at foodies and those who love to travel. In each box, they have a variety of snacks from a country, language guides of local phrases, travel tips, and music recommendations!

When traveling trying the local food is one of my favorite parts of traveling and I often spend plenty of time researching recommended restaurants and dishes I need to try when in a particular city, so needless to say I was super excited to get my first TopMunch box and see what it contained.

TopMunch Unboxing

Past boxes thus far have been from Japan, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Thailand, UK, Italy and Indonesia, and I was thrilled to discover my box was for France! The timing was absolutely perfect as it just so happens I’m leaving for France in one week, and this box got me even further excited for my trip!

TopMunch Unboxing

Within the France box, there was a variety of snacks, including a box of crispy butter cookies, a box of long cat tongue shaped cookies, a bag of mini madeleines, a jar of French black olive tapenade, some crunchy French mini toast, and several raspberry candies. While all the items were delicious I particularly loved the soft mini madeleines and the olive tapenade on the mini toasts.

TopMunch Unboxing

Also within the box was a travel guide that contained tons of useful information about France including what to see and do in France, useful travel phrases, information about all the food items within the box, 6 French songs to download, fun facts about France, and even a coloring page. Needless to say, the booklet provides plenty of entertainment and knowledge and will help inspire you to visit the country. I know I’ll be taking the booklet within my Munchbox with me to France as the travel suggestions will come in handy.

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For those of you looking for an outstanding travel themed gift for a friend (or yourself), the TopMunch boxes would be perfect. The boxes cost $29 a month (shipping is free to the US and an extra $11 for Canada or $10 in the UK), but the cost is lower if you subscribe for a longer period of time such as 3 or 6 months.

I love the idea of subscription boxes like this as they are an experience gift, and will help introduce people to new countries, regional treats, music, and phrases, and I’m certain whoever was to receive one of these boxes would enjoy them too! I know I’m curious to see what country TopMunch is sending next month.