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Discover Turkey and Persia With TopMunch

TopMunch unboxing

If you love to travel TopMunch boxes are the perfect way to help inspire your next trip. Each box is designed to help you plan your next vacation by featuring a different destination. Within your TopMunch snack box, you’ll find a list of sights to visit, top phrases, music and plenty of local snacks.

My TopMunch box was Turkey & Persia (Iran). Inside the box was an outstanding booklet that provided a brief history of Turkey and Persia, a link to top songs from Turkey and Iran, and a list of places to see such as Cappadocia, Persepolis, Kish Island and Istanbul. My favorite part of the booklet would have to be the useful phrases section which goes over tons of useful expressions from hello, to do you speak English? The small booklet is perfect to put in a bag when traveling, and I certainly would bring the phrase section along for my next trip to Turkey or Iran.TopMunch unboxing

Inside my TopMunch Turkey & Persia box

  • Madar biscuits – a buttery cookie
  • Salemin ti tap cake – chocolate and vanilla sponge cake
  • Maltay sunflower seeds
  • Sehrazat tel pistachio cotton candy – a Turkish sweet that is similar in texture to cotton candy
  • Torshi sevan lavashak – Persian fruit roll
  • Setareh dried sour cherry – tart and sweet dried cherries
  • Shiba pof pofi marshmallow candy – marshmallow covering a gelating center and covered with coconut
  • A booklet explaining the snacks, sights, history and useful travel phrases

TopMunch unboxing

TopMunch booklet

TopMunch unboxingTorshi sevan lavashak


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TopMunch unboxing

Maltay sunflower seeds

     TopMunch unboxing

Shiba pof pofi & Setareh dried sour cherry


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TopMunch unboxing

Salemin ti tap cake and Madar biscuits

TopMunch unboxing

Salemin ti tap cake

TopMunch unboxing

Madar biscuits

TopMunch costs $32 a month and offers free shipping to the US, shipping to the rest of the world ranges between $10-12.

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