Track Your Luggage With Tile

Let’s face it lost luggage is one of the problems people face when traveling. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and not having your luggage arrive. After having my own luggage lost in the past, whenever possible I’ve tried to limit myself to carry-on baggage whenever possible, just to ensure my stuff arrives at the destination.

To help ease my dread of checking bags at the airport, recently I got myself a Tile after hearing so much positive feedback from my family and friends who have one. Tile is a tiny device that you can attach onto anything to track its location on your phone.

Track Your Luggage With Tile

Drawn to the chic Tile Style which is white and gold, I decided to pick up one along with the Tile Sport that comes in black. Both the Tile Style and Tile Sport are part of the Pro Series of Tiles and have a larger range, are louder when your press the alert button, and are waterproof.

Left to Right: Tile Sport and Tile Style

Track Your Luggage With Tile

I was amazed at how quick it was to set up my Tile. I download the Tile app on Google Play and selected what the Tile would be tracking. Next, you just press the center button of the Tile while it is near your phone and then the setup is complete!

Track Your Luggage With Tile

I decided to pair my Tiles with my keys and on my luggage.

Track Your Luggage With Tile

To track a missing item, you simply press to track it on your phone. It will then tell you how close you are to your missing item. For example, to track my luggage, it would tell you if it is nearby, and the Tile on your luggage would play your custom ringtone if it is within Bluetooth range. You can additionally track the exact location of the missing item on a map, and share the location of a missing item to a friend if you need help finding it.

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I could see this being very handy in the case of your baggage being lost at the airport, or mistakenly picked up by someone else. For me, just the ability to know where my bag is helps give me further peace of mind while traveling.

Track Your Luggage With Tile

Another useful function is you can press the center Tile button and it will cause your phone to ring, even if your phone is set to silent. This is super handy for all those times you can’t find your phone. For me having my tile on my keys, means I can always track my purse.

For those of you looking for a slimmer model Tile also has Tile Slim which is perfect for putting in your passport, wallet or even your jacket.

Interested in getting your own Tile to track your luggage? Order yours now.

I was provided a complimentary Tile Sport and Tile Style for review purposes. All opinions are my own.