Austria / Vienna

Trying The World Famous Sachertorte At Cafe Sacher

When visiting Vienna, one of the most highly recommend things to do is to go to Cafe Sacher to try their Sachertorte. Sachertorte is a chocolate cate with a layer of with apricot jam and topped with chocolate icing, and consider a specialty of Vienna. The cake was invented in Vienna in 1832, for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. Today you can try the original recipe only at Cafe Sacher.

While I love a good slice of chocolate cake, what drew my interest in this cake shop wasn’t all the hype by watching Anthony Bourdain on No Reservation praise the cafe. Typically Bourdain is known for his dislike of sweets, yet this cake he praised.

Eager to try Cafe Sacher, I made reservations to try the luxurious Viennese coffee house. Inside Cafe Sacher is stunning with red walls, marble tables and chandeliers. Dining here is ultra-luxurious and surprisingly affordable for the experience, a slice of cake is only a few euros a slice.

I decided to opt for the classic sachertorte which is served with a generous portion of unsweetened whip cream. On top of the sachertorte, there is a chocolate medallion which is put on every slice, to mark it as the official original sachertorte.

Trying The World Famous Original Sachertorte At Cafe Sacher

The other dish I tried was the apple strudel, another Viennese specialty. Both were delicious, but I was surprised to discover how much I loved the sachertorte. It was a nice contrast between chocolate cake and jam, and I can now understand why the dish is praised so much. The apple strudel was perfection too, but if you go, make sure to try the torte as that is their signature dish.

During the tourist season, you can find huge lines out the door of people trying to get in for a slice of cake. So make sure to skip the lines and make reservations.