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Valentine’s Day Charcuterie With Chefzee In Ottawa

Will you brie mine? If the way to their heart is their stomach, this February 14 you can opt for a cheesy gift. Chefzee is a small business in Ottawa that sells charcuterie boards. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, they have a package for two people inside a red heart-shaped tin. It is available from February 12-14, but there is a limited number of spots available.

Chefzee gave me the charcuterie box for free, but as always, I’ll give an honest review below.

Inside the container, it comes with rolled pieces of salami that look like two roses, a piece of brie cut to look like a heart, grapes, strawberries, crackers, a mini Nutella jar, a few chocolate kisses and a handful of candy hearts.

The presentation was cute and nicely presented sweet and savoury bites. It would be best suited as an appetizer, as there isn’t only one piece of cheese and only 2 crackers per person. I ended up opening my own box of crackers to make up for the shortage.

As a fan of Nutella, I was excited to see the mini jar, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it or the honey dipper. I ended up keeping them both to use later.

Charcuterie in Ottawa deliver to your home

One small problem I faced is the candy hearts melted and left a sticky goo on the brie and fruit. As I’m not a fan of spicy cinnamon hearts, I recommend if you order it, you eat your order right away to prevent this from happening.

Both meat and cheese are very mild, so they will appeal to most. You won’t have to worry about any overly spicy sausage or stinky blue cheese.

Charcuterie in Ottawa deliver to your home

If you are eager to shop local, you can purchase the box for $45.00. Delivery is available for an extra $5-10 charge in Ottawa.

You can order the Valentine’s Day charcuterie box by sending a direct message to @_chefzee on Instagram.