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Enjoy Vegan Ice Cream In Ottawa At Paradise Poke

There is no better treat in the summer than ice cream! For all of you who enjoy ice cream like I do, this is a post for you. If you haven’t already you, need to visit Paradise Poke which sells vegan ice cream in Ottawa. The vegan ice cream at Paradise Poke is called FROCO and can be purchased from their street take out window. The ice cream is fantastic with a super creamy texture and a subtle coconut taste. Plus the ice cream sundaes are also dairy-free and gluten-free too!

Vegan Ice Cream In Ottawa At Paradise Poke

When ordering you get to build your own sundae by picking a sauce, fruit and crunchy topping. The options are:

Sauce: chocolate fudge, local honey, organic cherry and lime
Fruit: mangos, wild blueberries or strawberries
Crunchy toppings: honey Chex, coconut flakes, or Oreo

A sundae costs $6, while just the plain vegan coconut soft serve is $4. For mine, as I love chocolate, I went for chocolate fudge with strawberries and Oreo topping. I couldn’t have been happier with the taste. Despite not being vegan myself, I loved the ice cream. I enjoyed the subtle coconut taste, and next time, I am curious to try a new flavour combination.

While Ottawa has no shortage of delicious spots to get ice cream, this one is great for those of you who want to avoid dairy. Inside the shop they also sell a variety of poke bowls too, but personally I prefer the frozen treats over the bowls inside as I have a sweet tooth, and find the desserts to be a better bargain.