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Go Apple Picking At Waddell Apples In Kingston

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If you are searching for a fantastic fall road trip, I know just the spot. You can go apple picking at Waddell Apples in Kingston.

One hour and 50 minutes from Ottawa, it is a charming spot to escape the city and enjoy the crisp air. Sure there might be farms closer, but this family business is incredibly adorable.

When you arrive, you’ll spot the charming 1830s log cabin, where you can buy various products, like butter, jam, cider, or pre-picked apples.

But if you want to apple picking, you’ll need to drive past the gate where you’ll see the sprawling garden. Their main orchard has 1300 trees, and there is a second orchard with an additional 900 trees.

Within the rows of trees, you’ll find 20 apple types marked with signs. Some are even heritage varieties that are incredibly difficult to find.

Picking your own apples at Waddell Apples is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can check their website for an update on the current selection. When I went, there was Lobo, McIntosh, Spartan, Liberty and a few others.

When you go, you pay by the size of the bag and not the weight. So feel free to load it upright to the top if you wish. A small bag is $13 and is more than enough to bake several desserts and have plenty of extras.

There is no charge to enter the apple picking garden, but there is a requirement that you need to buy one bag for every two people.

If you want a mountain of apples, though, I still suggest you skip the large bag and buy the small. The reason is, if you head to the log cabin, you can buy pre-picked half-bushels for super cheap.

It is a more budget-friendly to maximize your fruit haul and still enjoy the experience.

I absolutely loved my visit, and couldn’t help but marvel at their selection. Unlike the shops closer to my home, at this farm I could get some of my favourites that were sold out everywhere else like Honeycrisp.

While the apple picking season is coming to an end, make sure to add Waddell Apples to your bucket list for next year.

You can find Wadell Apples at: 1345 Washburn Road, Kingston.