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WanderAway Monthly Travel Boxes

For those of you dreaming of your next vacation, but unable to find the time to travel, WanderAway could be the perfect solution.

Like most people, you may not have the chance to travel as much which is WanderAway is so great, it can give you a glimpse of the world from the comforts of your home. Every second month you will receive a new travel-themed subscription box delivered to your front door.

Each box offers a unique theme, such as a particular food, cultures, a country, or even travel products. Previous themes have included Vietnam, Portugal and carry-on essentials. The idea behind WanderAway boxes is to give a glimpse of a location or a culture, with authentic products made by small business owners and local artisans.

WanderAway boxes are shipped bi-monthly to your front door and cost $44.97 per box but there is a discount if you prepay for 6 or 12 months.

WanderAway Monthly Travel Boxes

My first WanderAway box was a coffee and teas themed box featuring drinks from around the world. As an avid fan of coffee and teas, I was certainly excited to see what the box had inside.

WanderAway Monthly Travel Boxes

For the teas, there was a Yorkshire Tea from Britain that is the typical English black tea, Kericho Gold tea from Kenya which is another black tea filled with antioxidants, Sencha Green Tea from Japan and Yerba Mate tea from Argentina.  Moreover, the box included a small jar of orange blossom honey and a tea bag string which you could use to easily pull your tea bags out of your cup once they are done steeping.

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WanderAway Monthly Travel Boxes

For coffee, there was Maharaja Coffee from Indonesia, a can of Cafe Sua Da from Vietnam, and Yaucono Coffee from Puerto Rico. As Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia are the top 5 coffee-producing countries in the world you will be able to sample coffee from 2 of the top 5 producers. Without question, my favorite part of this month’s WanderAway box would have to be the outstanding to travel is to live mug.

WanderAway Monthly Travel Boxes

What I loved about this box is for the teas is contained several tea bags of each type of tea so I was able to make several cups of tea and try to compare some of the flavor differences between them all to determine my favorite (the sencha tea). I also enjoyed the fact that this box was a theme of brewed drinks from around the world as I was able to enjoy Vietnamese coffee – a favorite of mine ever since I’ve visited Vietnam back in 2009.

While I’m still working on trying all the teas and coffee everything I’ve had thus far has been delicious, and I’ve been using my brand new mug every morning as I love it.

If you are as curious as I am to see what is in the next WanderAway box then make sure to enter the contest below for a chance to win a WanderAway box.

For all of you who want to go order your WanderAway box you can use the discount code STEPHANIEWHITE to get 15% off your subcription (the coupon is good through November 15th).


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