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Where To Get The Best Schnitzel In Vienna

Vienna is famous for its schnitzel, and when you ask around for where to get the best schnitzel in Vienna, Austria the most common answer is Figlmueller! Figlmueller has two locations right down the street from each other, and both are conveniently located near many of the tourist attractions downtown.

Figlmueller Baeckerstrasse & Wollzeile

Figlmueller Baeckerstrasse exterior

Figlmueller Baeckerstrasse is the original restaurant and when I visited the only way you could get in is if you had reservations. For my reservation, I made it over a month in advance and still had to take an early dinner to get in! Their larger location Figlmueller Wollzeile thankfully is much easier to get reservations in, and usually accepts walk-in dinners.

Figlmueller Baeckerstrasse is over a 100-year-old restaurant that serves traditional Austrian dishes using local products. It is a cozy, casual restaurant but the waiters wear tuxedos!

Figlmuller schnitzel

When you dine here the must-have dish is the Figlmuller schnitzel and the potato salad. The Figlmuller schnitzel is breaded pork tenderloin that is the best schnitzel I’ve ever had. Make sure to go hungry or consider splitting the dish as the schnitzel is larger than the size of a dinner plate.

Figlmuller schnitzel

As if the meal couldn’t get any better than super tender meat with a crispy coating, the potato salad was just as good! Now I know what you are thinking, it is just potato salad. Heck, I usually don’t even like potato salad, but the one from Figlmuller is extraordinary.

Figlmuller potato salad

What makes it so special is the pumpkin seed oil that they use in it. It is a creamy potato salad, is lighter than the American version while still being creamy. I also loved how the one at Figlmuller is topped with fresh greens. The potato salad alone is enough reason to buy Figlmuller’s cookbook!

Without question, Figlmuller was one of my favourite restaurants in Vienna and served the best schnitzel I had in Vienna!