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Wild West At Jigsaw Escape Rooms

If you are looking for an outstanding escape room in Ottawa to do with your friends, you need to try Escape The Wild West at Jigsaw Escape Rooms.

In this room, you are a group of outlaws in the 1850s. You are your band of outlaws have been caught by the sheriff, and are currently in the holding cell to be transferred to a maximum security jail. The sheriff has just stepped away, and you have one hour to escape before you find yourself stuck in jail.

Review Of Wild West At Jigsaw Escape Rooms

Wild West At Jigsaw Escape Rooms

This review of Wild West at Jigsaw Escape Rooms will be spoiler free.

Castle by Jigsaw Escape Room has long been one of my favourite escape rooms, and one I often I recommend for others to try. I prefer non-horror themed rooms, as I find the theme is old and I’m just not into the horror genre. Which is why I loved the castle room, the medieval theme is expertly designed with fantastic puzzles, and it didn’t need to be creepy.

That being said Wild West is my new favourite room at Jigsaw Escape Room and one of the most enjoyable escape rooms I’ve done in a long time. I can’t praise it enough.

The room is said to be medium difficulty, and I think with a group of 4-6 adults, most people should be able to escape within the hour. For myself, I did the room with a bunch of escape room veterans, so we smashed through with 17 minutes still left on the clock.

Wild West At Jigsaw Escape Rooms

All the puzzles and challenges in the room are unique, and ones I haven’t seen before in other escape rooms. Without giving anything away, I was very impressed by the creativity in the design of the challenges. With a group of 6, in pairs, we were able to have each group of 2 working on a different puzzle at the same time, so everyone felt like they had something to do.

All the puzzles have a logical order and make sense. You can tell this room was carefully planned. The result is something super enjoyable, and one that my entire team loved.

Wild West at Jigsaw Escape Rooms is $26 a person and located at 12 Byward Market Square, Unit 2.

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