Dining At Wonderland Restaurant On Royal Caribbean

Wonderland is a must-try whimsical restaurant on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Inspired by Alice and Wonderland, you will experience a magical molecular gastronomy restaurant. Currently, the restaurant is on the Anthem of the Seas, Harmony of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas and Symphony of the Seas.

At Wonderland there is an emphasis on innovative, shareable plates. The creative presentations will delight foodies as you explore the tasting menu which is divided by elements.

Wonderland Restaurant On The Royal Caribbean
Wonderland Restaurant On The Royal Caribbean
Wonderland Restaurant On The Royal Caribbean

Right from the start of my dining experience, I was utterly captivated. Once you are seated, you will get a blank paper and a paint brush. Painting your paper with water, you will then reveal the tasting menu.

When dining at Wonderland every course will be a surprise, but you will get at least one dish per element. The waiter will confirm in advance if you have dietary restrictions, and if at the end of the meal you are still hungry, or there was something on the menu you wanted to try you can request the dish.

reconstructed caprese

The first course is “sun” and I got the reconstructed caprese (liquid olive, ricotta powder, basil).

crispy crab cones
oceanic citrus

The second course was “ice” where I had crispy crab cones (cilantro, avocado mousse & ohba leaf) and oceanic citrus (spicy tuna & floral yuzu granite).

shrimp kataifi
buffalo chicken eggs

For the third course, the theme was “fire.” For this course, I had buffalo chicken eggs (smoke, blue cheese & hot sauce) and shrimp kataifi (crispy crumb, scotch bonnet).


Onto the four course it was “sea” with ocean inspiration. Here I enjoyed halibut cooked in clear paper (mushrooms, potato & bacon).

slow roasted chicken
terroir of beef
Berkshire pork belly

The fifth course was hearty “earth” dishes. There was terroir of beef (river stone potatoes & bordelaise sauce) Berkshire pork belly (cole slaw and mojo sauce) & slow roasted chicken (crispy skin & potato butter puree).

forbidden apple

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chocolate ball before
chocolate ball after

Finally, it was time for dessert, which was called “dreams.” The dessert lover in my rejoiced over all the amazing sweets I got to try. There was the forbidden apple, an iceberg, and a chocolate ball filled with ice cream.

Every dish I had was absolutely delicious, but the one must-have dish would have to be the chocolate ball. It is presented as a chocolate ball with gold dust, and then a gold sauce is poured over the top to melt the top shell to reveal the ice cream interior. The entire presentation is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and was the highlight of my dinner.

Dining at Wonderland costs around $45 a person, but you often can find a discount if you book in advance. For me, on the first day of the cruise, there was a dinner plan, where if you pre-paid for specialty dining for several nights on the cruise you dramatically saved on the cost of dining.

Between the stunning atmosphere, innovative plating, abundant food, and delicious food Wonderland was easily the highlight of my last cruise on the Harmony of the Seas, and I recommend it as something you have to do.