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YOW Popcorn In Ottawa Makes Your Movie Night Taste Better

Your movie night is just about to taste so much better. Forget the subpar microwave popcorn that always smells a bit burnt. You can now get gourmet bags of popcorn delivered to your home in Ottawa. If you haven’t heard of YOW Popcorn, your snack game is seriously missing out. They sell affordable bags of gourmet popcorn, which you can get with cute designs printed on the bags.

For my recent order, I grabbed honey siracha, dill pickle, sea salt caramel cookies and cream, and truffle parmesan. A small bag (4 cups) is $5, while an extra-large bag (30 cups) is $28 (there is an extra fee for the caramel bags).

YOW Popcorn

I loved all the flavours; dill pickle tastes like the chip version is slightly vinegary. While truffle parmesan has a mild cheesy flavour and some extra umami from the truffles. It is a more sophisticated version of regular popcorn that will appeal to most.

YOW Popcorn

For me, the most surprising was sea salt caramel cookies and cream. I typically don’t like either cookies and cream nor caramel flavours, but in popcorn form, it was fantastic. Usually, popcorn isn’t my snack of choice, but the mix of sweet and savoury here is perfect.

Usually, popcorn isn’t my snack of choice, but the mix of sweet and savoury here is perfect.

It is like beer nuts in crunch sweetness, with pieces of Oreos mixed in. I’m hooked on the flavour and could quickly share a small bag over a weekend while binge-watching Netflix.

YOW Popcorn
YOW Popcorn

Right now, they currently have two super cute bag patterns to help uplift your through COVID-19 to pick from too. But throughout the year, they have other designs to pick from too.

To get your hands on some of their popcorn, you can place an order online, and it will be delivered to your door.

To submit your order, you’ll need to download the form and email them at Place your order now.